Dallyshalla twitter

Anywhere I can temporarily get real time updates now twitter have squashed dallyshalla too?
sure are making it hard for such a good project. Glad to see glimpse of wallet though on telegram.

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There’s a Discord server. There’s a lot of interesting discussion in there and the news are always posted there first. It’s a great tool to know what’s going on with Safex.

It’s shut down to new users. I don’t know why. Other than that, I searched for news on Safex but I can’t find anything.

This is the channel you get news first, discord is just a chat room, nothing official there only @aussiesloth posts, the latest up-dates


Correct there is far more long term value in forum discussions than chit chat


Glad you mentioned twitter being disrupted, but given time pretty sure it will sort itself out,

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Twitter, Facebook and all other big social media sites are engaging in total suppression in an all out 1984 plan. Free speech is being utterly stomped out starting with American patriots. It’s time for crypto to shine not only as a monetary supply but for other God given rights such as communication. There’s no going back. I hope Dan and others within the crypto community see the need for a social media/communication type system built within the blockchain.


We can use it in conjunction with this project. This is a decentralized chat application, where you can speak freely. Please download it here: Spixi Downloads - Private and Secure Chat Messenger

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I’m glad you said that SafeTrip, We need more options here in the States. The Twitter and face book monopolies censor information to harm there competitors. They must view Safex and Dans visions as legitimate competition!

In the future Safex running on Skywire ( Skycoin project ) would be a match made in heaven. A decentralised marketplace running on an uncensorable internet.

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