Dan knows why

I’m a newbie to trading and investing in crypto but I also know a lot of people in this field and people that work for bittrex …they state the ceo deaf knows why delisting is happening its not an unknown as its said …before I continue I am a large holder and not spreading fud but dan u should deaf explain more …when u buy from bittrex the money u spent on the coin goes to the person that sold it to u …when u buy from safex directly who gets that money? more should be said so no one going of assumptions…again I’m here for the long haul and hate fud and this is prob coming off bad bc I’m not going to proof read there should just be way more pr going on right now in my opinion…if this is just a miner thing ok just seems fishy and has been said repeatedly in other post hence the reason we or I would like more info …friendly convo just thoughts

This has been told.

The site sells you safex for slightly over market price and then buys more coin from exchanges

The difference in price covers both market volatility and provides a small return for the project development.

Thats not much info and suggests a number of possible scenarios from Dan being a real bad man, to Bittrex being loose with their words. Really doesn’t tell us much and feeds the ones who are already suspicious.

Yes they could have told Dan 1-6 months ago that they were (going to) investigating safex and if it fails any of the market listing tests then it would be delisted. So from their side they can say Dan already knew, but really we all know the tests applied, just not which one triggered the delisting. Obviously the most likely is the securities test failed.

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understand but do u realize the in coming money vs exchange cut? so if someone drops 10k to buy on bittrex vs 10k on safex site I hope u see the difference …that wasn’t my main thing but a thought lol I shouldn’t have posted this topic bc I hate haters and feel like one now …I think a lot of us are just questioning things and just me personally fell dan needs to say more and not just say a short statement when he sees whats being said on his own website

Sorry but it is pure FUD. You know why? First of all everything you said is just that. Talk. No proof. Then again even if it is true what you said, it is still talk. Because we have no proof.

Anyone who have more than 1 month in Cryptosphere by now should have known this better. Everyone’s talking. Everyone’s either slamming other products and other developers, or saying “THIS ONE’S GONNA MOOOONNNN”.

Talk has no more meaning or value in cryptosphere. Only newbies and weak hands get affected by it anymore.

Besides, developers don’t need to come out to give you a personal statement anytime someone doesn’t do research goes “OMG WHERE DA MONEY GO???” when this has been said… BEFORE.

DYOR, do your own research. Don’t go around spreading fear just because you cannot be bothered to read something that has been posted before. Why did you even put money down on Safex if you didn’t even know things like this? This is what i meant. Too much dumb money by people who cannot be bothered and when things shake up abit, everyone is questioning things they should already know.

“this is not fud” No. This is fud.


Agree and i in essence what I said in a “nice/subtle” way. That post had so many meanings that it can be taken every which way and gave no new information. But it did imply FUD.

If you understood what I said then you know I understand.

Ditto. I suspect you don’t realise what my reply said. It was just facts and anyone can see that its cheaper to buy off the exchange and that the web site buying is for those who don’t want to use an exchange for some reason.

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