Date of Safex Cash airdrop


I’ve been away for a while and didn’t move my SAFEX tokens from Omni to SAFEX Wallet yet. When will then airdrop occur? Do que need to have ouro Safex tokens in the wallet to claim Safex cash?

Yes you will need to do that at some point before the airdrop.

Excuse my ignorance but what is the advantage of keeping safex on the Omni ?

Just get it over with and transfer to wallet lol

What if your wallet is closed when the airdrop occurs? Does it need to be open and snyc’d? If its not, will you miss out on the airdrop?

It’s not like there’s a 5 minute gap for you to receive the airdrop. You’ll have plenty of time, I’m guessing weeks of time to do what’s necessary to receive the airdrop.

Dan said that as people transfer their omni-token (safex) to the new blockchain the air drop will occur for that transfer.

Dan also said it would effectively openended time wise to do this transfer.

You have to still do a “transfer” from your safex wallet to the new blockchain. It maybe just a button to press on a later version of the safex wallet but still needs to be done.


Thanks you, Rob.

I don’t trust my internet connection, so i only load my iimportant passwords and private keys when is necessary…

Do you know If Safex wallet can be installed in a pen drive, i.e., is It portable?

Thanks again!