Day1ca Order Issue


I ordered the day1ca order for a hiking backpack from the Canada. I placed the order using TWM 1.5 and it appeared to have processed. But, the transaction was never sent to the blockchain and my wallet balance was decreased substantially higher (approx 30,000 sfx missing) than the listed sfx price. I see the transaction in my history, but the block height says 0 as well as 0 for blockchain confirmations.

offer id = 46f00f0d33d6c25323cb95c3518b74f38ec89acc463abdf29a6638be5f91b8de
txid = 86765ddbf18b83f24090d17ab34f367af813c929462cd2136b723a194a428261

I should note that I did open and close TWM 1.0 prior to opening TWM 1.5 to execute the order. I have not uninstalled the wallet and attempted to restart with my recovery phrase. Interestingly, between the two wallets I see a difference in sfx price for the listing as well as the order message. The TWM 1.5 wallet order message shows NaN for the price. TWM 1.0 shows a 189 sfx price. Neither is correct. I have uploaded some screenshots to illustrate my issue.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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As for why 30k ‘disappeared’, check Why my coin balances change after I made a transaction?

Here’s what I would suggest you do…

Firstly, do a Restore from Keys and save as a new file name. Once it syncs, I think you’ll find your original balance is intact (and the purchase won’t be there)

[I was gonna suggest a hard rescan, but that would get rid of the messed up tx, so for now, let’s leave it there, in case Dan needs to reference something from it.]

A check on that txid definitely doesn’t exist on the blockchain…

As to the failed tx, my guess is that the tx that got created didn’t have the correct amount of SFX allocated for the purchase, and thus the purchase tx was rejected by the daemon and didn’t get processed.

Please be patient as we work though this :pray:


Also, stop using v1 :sweat_smile:


Given a little time to think about it, my current hypothesis for what happened is…

At point A you opened the Market tab and the pegged price populated for the item.

Very shortly thereafter, at point B, the price oracle did a peg update, making the price displayed in the wallet no longer accurate.

At Point C, you clicked Buy, the wallet created the tx and it was rejected because the amount of SFX for the purchase no longer matched.

That is just my logical analysis of what may have been the progression of the issue.


Aussiesloth, thanks for approving my post and the information. The transaction failed and after a hard rescan I was able to see that my sfx tokens remain in my wallet. The failed transaction persists in my wallet but thats really not a problem. Honestly, I didn’t pay attention too much to the price changing while ordering. I did swiftly fill out the form, but next time I will be aware. Again, thanks for the assistance. I look forward to trying it again soon.



When you say the failed tx persists in your wallet, I presume you mean in the My Order/Message system only.


I believe that if you used v1, then you would need to scan fresh with v1.5

As we mentioned to each other over twitter, v1.5 should be primarily used, and this “bug” yet a glitch that makes appearance that a purchase was completed, however it isn’t. The message gets through as that uses layer 2 however the transaction does not so the backend does not process the shipment as it 15x checks the transaction was mined into the blockchain.

Standing by for any further clarity, though I think this is clear as it would need to get.

So glad for your punt, and we;re looking forward to our Canada and UK rollout!


Excuse my ignorance but ordering and shipping to Canada is working right now ?


The first CA item was listed last week. Also the first UK item.


Nice looking backpack!


I thought the same thing, expensive too! That’s a good sign as to what’s to come @Karen


Yes, it is. We are about to list a larger catalog in the next day or so. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: UK also!



It will be in the TWM wallet market listings.

How about you take a breath and pull your head in. You seriously have no idea how many competing priorities Dan is juggling, and at any point in time, plans can change quickly, depending on what else needs more urgent attention.

You’re right my apologies