Decentralized Business Model - next generation business

Encountered an interesting article, I think, what described there matches exactly the idea of safex and chilli blockchain.

Step Six: Universal Basic Income
Now comes the truly amazing part.
You expand your blockchain with two new tokens.
One is a saver token and one is a spender token.

The saver token is deflationary, like Bitcoin or gold, so it slowly rises in value. The idea is for people to save them, so that they can buy something special one day. The value in this coin is not in spending them constantly but in holding them, even hoarding them. They are meant to increase in value over time, benefiting savers and rewarding them for their foresight and planning.
With properly saved fortunes, people can return to buying houses and cars and everything else with money instead of credit, which will slowly deflate the mega-debt bubble in the world economy, instead of popping it all at once and crashing the world.
The next token is a spender token.
This is the paired opposite of the saver token. It is slightly inflationary and pegged to other currencies or another stable unit of value, like time. The key is that it must remain stable. Stability in the store of value makes it so that money will move and that’s what you want. It’s for day to day use for buying Snickers and bus tickets and cat stickers too.
Money is energy.
It pools and flows.
Both are necessary.



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