Delist in coincap?

i check safex in coincap apps list … safex gone :thinking:… can everybody explain

It is unfortunate

It’s no delisted from coin market cap. Coin market cap only shows coins that are listed on exchanges, since we aren’t listed on exchanges at the moment, it does not appear. Just relax, hold on and we’ll be on an exchange soon. Then you’ll see it on coin market cap again.


100% Agreed

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Not sure what you’re on about but you can check it here

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I can confirm also that I am able to access safex on coinmarketcap maybe it was issues on your end?

It’s there but there is no traded value since yesterday.

Where can we find the traded value of SAFEX ?

Since it cant be traded atm it does not have a value. Apperantly it can be traded on for 150 satoshis per Safex.