why safex ?? 'This market is being delisted on December 15th, 2017.

im wondering the same thing. what is going on?

I warned about this couple of days ago

where is the news coming from?

120 satoshi! boomb. Our team has bad time planing and it is like torpedo to our wooden boat.

bittrex. btc-safex youll see the announcement

what the f* hell is going on

Some of the community member who has been banned told us, our safex team can’t handle the communication, need hire more people and other things. And from who we hear about delistening from the good market like bittrex? Not from the safex team, but from the bittrex… Come on, it is like kindergarten.

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@dandabek Can safex team make some official announcements about this asap? Otherwise the safex walle will plump.

Well who else is going to say it first.

Bittrex tells everyone at the same time with a notification on the btx-safex page. So we knew the same time Dan did. Just had to be on bittrex to see it first

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Yea, but I want to hear what are they going to do.

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Rob, where I can find in safex forum or official safex page about this problem? But before the bittrex announced?

I don’t think you can. This announcement has come out of the blue.

Bittrex just announced it in the listing page and we all had the chance to see it at the same time. The news is less than 4 hours old I believe. It wasn’t there earlier today

The only solution now is to make safex look like non securites -> thats what I meant when I said team up with BIG 4!

I’d say someone who lost money on safex told bittrex it was a dividend paying coin.

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Rob you are the smart and logic person. Tell me how business should be handlet with 16mln-60mln $ capitalization? With 1mln $/year I can hire 10 programmers from TOP20 form east european, and I know they can do all work for safex.

I guess it’s time to separate the men from the boys and see who are the true believers in the project.


I wouldn’t know. But Dan only got like $50K from the ICO and kept 1% of the ICO (~21Million coin). He has been running the safex business with what he earnt elsewhere and maybe some recent fiat investors (I’m guessing that last bit).

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