Well, they sure aren’t delisting for lack of trading volume! This is why Reggie Middleton has to keep such tight wraps on his project as well. Veritaseum won’t be listing on Bittrex any time soon either.

I have one idea. Someone laundering money. Because the year closing and quarter closing.
I cant believe for answers…
I am blind or you are all in stress and just holding. No one exchange trades safex. Except someone cryptopia? Cryptopia is just very small exchange, and dont have trust from crowd. And solution is just do nothing? Its all things fine and we just hold. And if safex team release blockchain, where we sell or buy safex? If cryptopia ends, what we do with our virtual money? Im a safex holder, I need a plan from project team, because it is about of our hope and money.
My question are:

  • what plan is with coin exchanges?
  • I want to see roadmap with deadlines
  • what to do investors now with this situations step by step all solutions not from forum members, but from official team.
    Thank you

This is Just more govern regulation


But the lack of any prior notice to the CEO of Safex is fishy unless that is standard procedure.

Did you read this

Bittrex delist according to their research and tell everyone at once. No special treatment for the project leaders or asking them permission.


It has been since July I am in Safex and I look at the forum every week. It is the first time I speak. First of all, thanks for the community, there are many positive vibes on the forum.

I just want to say that the announcement of Bittrex do not frighten me. Why? Even if the value of the Safex reaches 0$, dividends will be according to the transactions on the marketplace. The value could be 0 or 10$, the dividends still be the same.

The success of safex is not about the value of the safex itself but it is the number of transactions on the future marketplace. Safex was very well thought and that’s why I hold it too the moon or not. Obviously, if the marketplace works well, the value of the safex will be great too.

It is in this particular case, that we can see those who just to buy and sell or those who believe in the projet and who think that they can make more money in holding.

It’s just a hard time, but im sure Dan will fix it. This project is very well thought and it can’t just stop now.

Safex for the win


Beside Bittrex, is there only Cryptopia which trades safex or any other exchange?

Only cryptopia, they charge 1500 coins for withdrawal

But it could be listed on other exchanges.

I saw somewhere you can buy your own exchange platform for 400.000$… So if there are any “Whales” interested :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i am personally not overly worried, since it happened before and will happen to some coins in the future. Bittrex as one of the biggest exchanges had a look through their (large) portfolio and started delisting credit cards and some other projects that were obviously using their token/coins as securities, which violates some laws.

For me as a (medium size) safex holder, i never bought it to see my wealth grow on Bittrex.
I wanted it to get my Chillie Coins and Dividends (in Chillie) - to have my shares in this project.
(and this is exactly why it is going to be delisted)

So as long as the future coin is not delisted, i am fine.

Safex Pump and Dump - perhaps - fraud? Well, why put your face 20-30 times on video and Conventions, when you can run right after you have your money from the first hype e.g. 03.04.2017.

My 1.3333 Safex


Not surprised by this Bittrex move. They are simply covering their ass. Decentralized exchanges will be empowered by moves like this. For now download the Safex wallet and move your bounty off of Bittrex. If you can’t download the wallet then create a wallet on and hodl them there.


Dan or safex team.
I have a hope it all be okay. But it is not professional to just blame bittrex.
Bittrex is most trustfully exchange. Other, better exhanges are in this list:

Or you all can just google it. Cryptopia it is a like kebab or pica shop in small town. She is not a solution. She is a no name exchange.

  1. No one other exchanges trades Safex, why?
  2. Why this problem dint solved earlier? Safex team could just diversify trading capabilities in other exchanges like Bitfinex, and in other TOP 5 or TOP 10
  3. What investor should do NEXT step by step. I dont know by my self. I have 6 days till the safex in bittrex will worth 0$. I want answer from official team, not forum members (because it is all about money, and I want avoid scam suggestions )
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Guys Any Idea ? So Safex Will Hit Again UP Or still Just Going down what need to do ? to sell the SAFEX ? or lets wait 2 - 3 days maybe price will back in normallity .

Well, i always assumed that they are not interested in having many exchanges for their “shares”.

For most coins it is the only source to get to market - Safex is selling on their own website in a “quasi” kickstarter-way. So even if Bittrex is ceasing trades with security-underlaying-coins, it doesn’t mean that the company is bad in any way.

I think No1 Priority is now deploying Chillie-Blockchain, along with the coin, miners and a marketplace and then we will see - everything else was a “bet” anyways. So do not cry if one of your lottery-shops closed. This is not as it was intended in the first place. Buy shares and wait for the product … like with most IPOs. (yes i mean the stock-exchange)

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why will it be worth 0$ on bittrex? doesnt make any sense to me…take it off bittrex and that is it…store in ur wallet…taking it off bittrex doesnt make it worth 0$ or am i missing something here? shed some more light on this …

if you believe in this project then i dont see why taking it off bittrex should be a problem…

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Can I sell safex token on the safex website? And get like example bitcoin? Sorry for noob question, I just used the Bittrex.

You can sell to me - how many you have? :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: I will still hold if I have a way in a future to sell the safex. But i want to know now in which platform and etc.

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What is the value of something? When you can buy or exchange with your stuff my stuff.
And if in any platform you cant exchange some token (example Safex) in to fiat or other valuable coin, thats worth 0$. Yes, for you maybe it s worth 1000000 (from feelings and hope perspective), but you cant exchange in to some others things like a Lamborghini.

Here is better way to understand what Im saying (read in “A unit of account”):