Delivery address privacy

One key feature of the safex market place is privacy. So I was just wondering how the delivery of products will be protected e.g. you buy anonymously online however on the delivery box it would still have to state your name and home address when entering the specified country in order for it to arrive at your house or PO Box address?

In my country certain local online retailers have certain pickup warehouse locations or partnerships with local retailers whereby the product you purchase online gets delivered there. Once delivered you get emailed/SMSd a unique delivery code, you then just go to the pickup warehouse or local retail shop, show your code and pickup the package. I can see this working for safex merchants within the same country as the customer, however I dont know if this would be possible when shipping goods from one country to the next as I am assuming customs would want to still know to whom the package is being delivered so that they can pay customs.

Does anyone know if the above feature is being considered whereby at least for local retailers one would be able to go to a package pickup warehouse or local retailer and obtain a unique delivery code from the blockchain proving that you are the intended recipient of the goods, you then just show this code and get your package?

At least for local buyers buying from local safex market place merchants their identity would still be protected as they would not have to provide any home address or PO Box address details when ordering goods. They would just order their goods online, select a package pickup location of their choice, show this unique code and get their package.


The main aspect of the privacy element of safex is in the fungibility of the currency. The fact that your balance is not known so when you buy something for 100$ the seller doesn’t find out you have $100,000.

that being said, if you wanted to not reveal your actual address you would use a P.O. Box which is a method valid and used for more than half a century that I know of; I am not sure though if you can do intercountry commerce with a PO Box.

Your real identity is opt in as well, you choose who to share your shipping information to via signed encrypted off chain messaging.


Compared with amazon or ebay where there is one company that knows everything you bought from different merchants on that platform where by at safex just the person you bought from knows your identity and what you bought.

It’s not about being invisible to everyone, it’s more about solving the problem that there is someone who collects everything about you…

It’s privacy like 200 years ago. If you went an a market and bought some potatoes the vegetable seller knew it, but not the bakery or the shoemaker.

There certainly will be different pick up methods to avoid to reveal your identity at all like you find in the dark web, but for me main reason betting on privacy is that I don’t want anyone collecting all my data.


No probs in Australia. I’m sure you will have these in your country or a PO box #####


That looks perfect! In Aus it might be the norm but I dont think all other countries are there yet.

Put money in safex ATM, order goods on Safex Market Place and enter POBox delivery address/convenient parcel pickup location box, then pickup package at your convenience after work. Sounds like a dream come true.

Now we just need other countries to have the same type of solution: Safex ATM’s and 24/7 parcel lockers for convenient pickup of your parcel.


By the way where is all this parcel data going ?


For those who want to be anonymous How about having a Safex Locker , just like Amazon does in supermarkets and shopping malls and you can access it using your wallets QR code !! The center display can also act like the Hashbringer, simply turn the color the safex blue with a big safex logo on the front !