Delivery Service As Escrow

Who can better say that a package is delivered, than the delivery service? This is the way to solve the problem of physical delivery. Let the person/company delivering the product serve as the (middleman) escrow.

  • Dally sends me a teacup
  • I pick the delivery service (TNT, Amazon drone etc) (They have now become the escrow)
  • When they deliver my package, I sign for the package and the money is released to Dally

If the delivery service let’s my neighbor sign, the delivery service also takes full responsibility for the consequence.


Indeed, I think that this could become a usecase, and we can figure out accountability. I think the first step is serious consideration for pursuing this exchange has started to take place. The more time we use in exploring the path of exchange without the overseeing 3rd party the more unencumbered we all become, and the better quality of life people can achieve.

Easier collection of products, production is closer to the marketplace, and consumers can easily access through cryptography which gives high integrity to all activities that take place on the system.

If you expected something to happen it cna be checked, and if it happened otherwise a person has the opportunity to have plenty of facts to take to the world and settle a dispute. By either the merchant’s policy, the manufacturer’s policy, or whatever policy delineated in the contract. And including that policy is a simple link to a Safe Network immutable file.