Difference between TWM and SAFEX?

Could someone explain the difference between TWM and Safex. There is the TWM wallet which seems to be the main wallet, but also @dandabek’s company. Will there be a neutral ‘safex’ wallet that to store and stake tokens, or is the Safex project only going to make updates to the TWM wallet from now on?


Will Safex be releasing any documentation on how to implement its API and how it works?

Yes. A draft is available here:


Thanks. How much of this is already implemented, such as feedback?

Safex is the open-source blockchain project, which produced the marketplace code and released the cli wallets, containing all functionality.

TWM is a separate entity, which has used components of open-source code from the Safex project, and is focused on releasing a GUI wallet with the API layer to filter and provide messaging. This is Dan leading by example and creating a “poster child” GUI wallet.

The Safex cli wallet has everything working - feedback, price peg, etc. all the advanced functions of the marketplace work at the cli wallet level.