Differentiating professional retailers vs people’s junk

Let’s conjecture since MP details are not available yet… The look of professional MP sites like Amazon/Jet//Etsy etc is more appealing imo than sites offering send hand junk (ala EBay, Craigslist etc). How do you think those professional sellers’ offerings should be separated from people’s Safex seconds (or should they?). Do you think professional retailers would even care? Can/should title market owners demand posting standards?

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The way you will interact with the marketplace is different than you might expect at first.

Think of the Safex Blockchain as a massive database": and its design permits strictly those content that relate to selling and buying things/services. This means that you can open up every single listing and in that case it would be hard to sort.

This is where title markets come into play. So if you opened up an application interacting with the safex marketplace you’ll be able to choose to open a specific title market that perhaps was advertised. And in that title market is a curated list of only new things and more so specifically to those things that you are searching for.

Further developments would be a more intelligent search engine for the listings, obviously standard sorting can take place based on the title of the products etc.

Most of the reliance is on the merchants themselves to promote their landing page or the title market to promote its wares and block off any unwelcome/irrelevant listings to keep their title market enticing for buyers.


Will there be a way for the titlemarket owners/curators to promote and advertise the title market within the Safex community and the Safex title markets?

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I think it will. Especially because owners of title market can charge listings and define terms and conditions.

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