Difficulties Sending SFT Coins to Livecoin

In my Omniwallet purse I own a quantity of SFT

I tried to send coins to Livecoin without success.

The address that Livecoin offers me to make a deposit


This address is not valid for sending coins from my Omniwallet purse.

Please can you tell me what I can do to send SFT coins to Livecoin ?

The open tiket tells me to contact the SAFEX developer.

THANK YOU for your help.

You are trying to send old Safe Exchange Coin tokens. The SFT and SFX listed on LiveCoin (and Coindeal & Xcalibra) are the new coins.

There are no exchanges still trading in the old coin. You need to migrate them, and do it promptly, as the migration cutoff date is 30 November.


Tell me what will it do to change the new currencies?

Livecoin allows withdrawal but no deposit.

At the moment I want SFT not Sfx, where a tutorial for the ubuntu 19 change.


Start with this, from @cryptooli