Difficulty stuck

The difficulty has been stuck at 13 billion for over 3 days, while the network hash rate is only 2.3MH/sec. The network hash rate and difficulty have become disproportionate due to an enormous amount of hash rate mining on the network and abruptly dropping off in a short period of time. Current mining will not yield any coins until the difficulty realigns with the network hash rate. What are you doing to fix this, and how do you plan on preventing this from happening again? You should consider this an attack on the network since someone orchestrated this, and is causing a halt on coin production.

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The team are aware of the network issues and are this minute testing a hard fork fix for the difficulty algorithm, as well as a few other things.

Once we’re happy that everything is stable we’ll release the binaries for the pool operators and everything should unclog.

We appreciate your patience in this matter. I know many are keen to mine Safex Cash.