Discord Link please

Could someone please provide everyone with a link to Discord?


Thank you, but this one is invalid or has expired.

@worldvaleur Just got this invitation from one of the Safex Community Discord Moderators:

The link is currently active but will expire within 24 hours.

Best Wishes!

it’s a closed club on Discord… it’s a shame.
If you don’t agree with the mutual consensus they kick you out.
Kindergarden… not very productive.

Been trying to get back in since before Christmas. The 3-4 links/invites I received were all expired or invalid…

Does this work for you?

Yes, closed club with 1500+ members…

Thanks Josh,
It doesn’t link to Safex Channel though.

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@Ace See Discord Link in thread.

Try this one

Looking for an invite to the discord! Someone please !



can someone please post the link

just hit “continue to Discord”

How do I join the safex discord? That link wont take me there.

all invites are expired. can i get an inv?

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Here you go…

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