Distribution to the DBOT

@ddabek Daniel,

I think I read that Safecoin earned by the SafeX App is to be distributed to developers and members of the Board of Trade according to their SafeXcoin holdings, although I can’t find it now and its not in the white paper. Maybe it was on the SAFE Network forum?

Can you point me to the detail of this again?

I also think there was distribution to the SafeX Foundation - is there anywhere that details all the entities and their interactions?

Assuming I got things right in my first sentence - I’m wondering if you considered other elements to where the value for being on the Board Comes from in deciding distribution. As I understand it the distribution is entirely based on SafeX holding, whereas I think those active on the network would be making a contribution greater than just their holding, so it might be important to reward this too, for example:

  • for voting. Though this would need to be “good” voting rather than any voting (spam) :smile:
  • for trading. Again, possibly vulnerable to spam.
  • weighted by reputation. If reputation were a composite of voting & trading it might be able to substitute for rewarding voting and trading.

In this video it is explained “Safe Exchange Coin owners get rewarded from the application revenue”
Further is detailed in the conclusion of the Safe Exchange White Paper


Safe Exchange Foundation is an entity that I own 100% with no debts or liabilities. And no outstanding contracts that cannot be fulfilled :wink:

I think that an automated bounty system will exist, and automatically pay developers then Safe Exchange Coin holders; This is all very exciting to see what more we will equip the exchange with.

Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner, had a lot of feedback from the universe and addressing all in due time, and luckily had some enhanced clarity in the white paper since last posted.

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