Dividend X 2?

“Only Safex coins that are locked into the official Safex wallet will receive dividends, which means all of those coins that have been lost, forgotten or are sitting in exchanges (approximately 50% of the coins at this moment) won’t receive dividends. Now those dividends don’t just disappear, they’re given out to holders, so that $11,641 (with 1 million Safex coins and a trade volume of $500 million) you’d make that first year will likely be closer to $22,000.”

What do you think about that guys ? Is it true ?


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There is nowhere near 50% of the current coins on exchanges. Over 90% are currently in the wallet. Where are you pulling your facts from?

It’s a quote from this forum. That’s why I wanted to know if it could be possible.

But today, there is only tradesatoshi. Maybe a lot of tokens will get lost during the migration to the safex blockchain and that a lot of safex will be traded on (famous) exchanges when safex will be listed.