Dividends returns

Hi all. Quick question. If i have 75000 shares in safex and share price goes to $10 (assuming) so my worth becomes $750,000 worth of shares. Now what divenend would i annually receive? As I have said before im very new to all this so if its a silly question im sorry

It’s got nothing to do with market price, it’s only to do with trade volume on the marketplace, giving the coin 2 different ways to make money for investors.

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There is a Dividend Calculator on the Safex.io website.
As CryptoDL pointed out, the calculator will compute your expected dividends based on the trade volume of the marketplace and the amount of Safex you have. There are some populated values that are included as initial projections for 2018.

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In other words, more you use it, and more you get people to use it, more you will earn. Actually, everyone who placed their trust in SAFEX. Thats why we need to make this thing global. :slight_smile:

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