I was wondering if Safe Exchange Coin and for that matter the new Safex Token, if they are divisible? I notice the coin on Trade Satoshi looks divisible but when sent to the Safex Wallet they don’t appear to be. Or is this because the wallet only shows whole number amounts?


Safe Exchange Coin (the old one on TS) and Safex Token are not divisible.

Safex Cash is, however.


I’m no expert,
The blue paper as a lot of those answers.
I’m pretty sure the coin will be divisible, as for the token I would have to check.
The possible variable right now, is if the present wallet which is not the final version, limits some intended final features.


Safex Cash according to the blue paper

0.0001 Safex Cash = 1 Dabek
0.001 Safex Cash = 1 Todor
0.01 Safex Cash = 1 Cortez
0.1 Safex Cash = 1 Cabral

Cash (SFX) is divisible to 10dp.


The SAFEX token (old and new) is not divisible. It only appears to be divisible on exchanges. You can trade fractions, but you can’t withdraw them. If you want to withdraw 100.5345 SAFEX token, only 100 will end up in your wallet. This is the same with other non divisible coins like NEO. The excessive fraction gets lost.


Thanks for the replies guys.

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