Do SFT and SFX belong to Safex?

Hi @dandabek

I’ve been seeing some new listings on CoinMarketCap for SFT and SFX:

Unlike Internic, which maintains and checks the status of registered internet domain names, it seems Blockchain doesn’t currently provide this.

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It seems unfortunate that Tokens can’t self-organize and try to find unused symbols to avoid confusion. You would never see anything allowed on Stock Market Exchanges.

Then this leaves you with the idea about regulation. Pass regulatory check and apply for a Trading Coin Symbol, but that would mean the regulators are in charge of exchanges.

So it would seem we are bound to have repetition of Token Names throughout time until some logistical process comes about to create uniqueness to these…and scammers will certainly try to leverage this and deceive the naive. It’s too bad there isn’t even such a simple solution as a Token Registry System that assigns a number to your symbol.


Yeah, as you point out Stock Market Exchanges don’t allow duplicate ticker symbols! Not only that, an additional character is appended to an existing ticker symbol to designate country of origin.

When TWM v2 is released, Dan and Aharon may have more time to invest in marketing. There’s just too much on their plate right now!

But with something akin to a Blitz Marketing Campaign, where Dan and Aharon announce to the world that TWM represents a first truly decentralized and anonymous (private) cryptocurrency marketplace, with it’s own currency and built-in reward system, part of it’s own and expanding ecosystem ( Safex Blockchain, xCalibra exchange, CLI Wallet, TWM Wallet, CPU mining, etc. ), people may routinely associate SFT and SFX to mean Safex Token and Safex Cash. Most likely though, I’m thinking now that it’s probably not that big of a deal because exchanges always list cryptocurrencies by their names, followed in parentheses by their symbols.

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Your post brought this issue to my attention as well. Of course, without a global database of registration and tracking of cryptocurrencies, it will be quite difficult to change something.

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It likely won’t matter once TWM v2 is released. To my knowledge, there are no other projects like this one. And once there is ecommerce occurring regularly both here in the US and abroad, folks may naturally associate SFT and SFX for use with the and the Safex Blockchain.

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