Does anyone have a copy of the block Chain?

Does anyone have a copy of the block Chain? I can download, I just started its 587 days old,
I can really a zip of the lmdb files… Thanks

My personal opinion… always safer to simply sync the bc from scratch.

Using a saved file from someone… you can’t be 100% certain it is correct.

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Ok, thank you


Also it is only a few gigabytes in size, so it shouldn’t take too long to sync with the network.

Got it. Thanks

1 Like Here is a copy here. I will be posting an updated snapshot every Monday. It’s a sync from scratch up to block # 429697.



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do you know if you can connect various miners to the node? I want to solo mine, using windows Node.

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You can do so if you run with --restricted-rpc --confirm-external-bind

You can also mine to

edit: you may also want to run with --rpc-bind-ip= if you are on a virtual host and want to be accessible anywhere over the IP address or add DNS to it.

ok. Got it.

  1. Is there a diff setting? and 2. does the CLI wallet have to run with the NODE? or would it send the earnings to the wallet address in the miner XmRig confi.json?

Thank you.

PS , If there is link that can show all of the syntax cmds, etc…etc. that would be helpful.

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If you type ./safexd —help and ./safex-wallet-cli —help in your terminal window (assuming same file name structure) then you’ll get a full list of commands. The - in —help is a double dash, but my iPad refuses to let me type two dashes consecutively and instead autocorrects it to a double-length —. (Or the Windows filename .exe equivalents)

You don’t need to have the wallet running (cli or gui) when mining as the address you are mining to is specified in the mining .json (or commandline)

(To check your wallet contents, in cli you need your node running locally and synced, but if you use Orbiter v2 to check your balance, then you don’t need a node running locally)

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Thank you

Safex Main Net Node and Solo Mining Guide

I hope this helps for Node and Solo Mining setup. I will look into setting up multiple Local mining machines to run on a Local Node.

You do not need to run the CLI wallet for mining. What wallet you specify to the xmrig program it will send rewards to there.