Dont know what this thread becomes

I don’t see a way to do either . Its easy to buy but no option to sell ???

How many and how much?

Yes, I am interested in buying. Name your price and the amount you are selling.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I have 60k safex sell all at 500 anyone willing to buy can contact anytime!!

Still interested in buying 39k coins?

buying? I want to sell 39k for 300…

i have 9800 safex and dont know how to sell - When i want trasfer them i need pay bitcoin ? Is there no way to send them or convert them ?

At the moment the coin is delisted. IT is expected trade again on NEXT.Exchange whenever that goes live. If you want to sell, I’ll buy.

Visit, it’s delisted from bittrex and cryptopia but you can use this small exchange to “convert” them to BTC.

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You can’t use TS because they don’t accept new users

Hi man, i am seling some for 350 sat if you want, my entry on bittrex was 350sat …

I just went on tradesatoshi and bought safex. Price there now is almost 500 sat. Nd they are going Very quickly. Not much left there. After that, only place you can buy is if someone devides to want to sell or if you buy directly from website.

I am selling cca. 15500 Safex for 500 sats each.

My guess is you either try to sell them at whatever price you can find a buyer to buy them at tradesatoshi, or buy back program for 200 sat, if that is still happening. … Or now those are your only options.

How much for them?

I want buy your Safex. how can i contact with you?

Market price is around. 3.500 USD, I would sell them for 3.000

Are you trying to sell $3 worth of safex? Or is that . Meant to be a ,

Tradesatoshi wallet out of maintenance, you can trade your coins there.