dvandal/cryptonote-nodejs-pool config.json

Hello there,
I am setting up a SFX Mining Pool but I need an example “config.json” file for cryptonote-nodejs-pool. Is there anybody here who can help me ?

@Rich.bate @gcraftjr

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Hey pal. I wont give my .json file away. But, if you want a pool, i know a guy selling his. Its www.minesfx.com
I can get u in touch with him if u want

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Hey pal. It seems that safexcash has very helpful community members :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help.
And please note that If I find the .json file I will share it publicly on github.


Note as well that the default cryptonote-nodejs-pool package won’t work with Safex directly out of the box, as we have some custom functionality that needs to be factored in.

This will need to be included in your utils.js file.