Dynamic block

Dynamic block: let’s say we have some crazy figure with in 1min. Let’s say 1million crazy but it’s a figure non the less. What i would love to know is how dynamic works. Would those 1million transactions fit into the 1min block with out any issues

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Good point. Big blocks reduce decentralisation of the blockchain. That’s why in the bitcoin protocol blocks are only 1MB. I imagine there will be an upper limit to the block size.


Dan briefly touched on the dynamic block size in a Q&A a few weeks ago (link at bottom). From what i understand, the Safex Blockchain will be based on the fundamentals of CryptoNote.

CryptoNote takes a median average of the previous 100 block sizes, then adapts according to the demand. It also adjusts the difficulty based on the block size.

If you’ve got a backlog of transactions sitting in the mempool, the previous blocks are going to be full/maxed out. Therefore after an amount of time the median average block size increases until the backlog is cleared and average goes back down.

I don’t profess to know the full workings - this is just based on the default CryptoNote framework. The Safex Blockchain will be a heavily adapted version, so the way it might handle dynamic block sizes and difficulty MIGHT vary to a degree.



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