EXCHANGE from Crowdfunding

We have reached the required 2btc. Can we please have a solid 100% answer on the date and name of the exchange we crowdfunded for. Thanks


I thought you are not that new to crypto,

a 100% date is not really possible, exchanges often don’t keep their promised times…

A name of an exchange should be possible, but since we all hope to get the best deal for the amount raised in the crowdfund it might be wiser to give them a little time and don’t rush it to much…

Monday we’ll get an update anyhow by then I expect the team will give us a solid update on what exchange we can expect, even though I don’t belive a 100% time answer can be given anyhow

And their is still a day open… So what about raising it to 3 BTC and getting a better exchange than we would with 2BTC?

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I am not new to crypto. I know there are delays. Soon is a BS answer. I am the one who suggested the crowdfund. I know the rules agreed upon. If we wait thats great. But give a name. And what it takes to get there. We need miners for MP. Cant get them without exchange. Cant do TX on MP without them. So yeah a name and Date would be great. But we would all settle for a Name at least

The timer on the exchanges page ends in 19 hours. I don’t know why there was a timer. Perhaps that’s when we will know the name of the exchange?

I am hopeful of that as well. But with TradeSatoshi cleaning house on Alt coins, we need more than one option if its going to happen

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Trade Satoshi is potentially next.

Also, a super saucy, super secret, Serbian exchange could be in the works as Dan mentioned earlier today. Just wanted to update this thread.


Livecoin, the landing page absolutely sucks… but the exchange itself isn’t too shabby :slight_smile:


Livecoin took the payment:


Now we are in touch for integration. Received the email today about specifics


Great to hear. Exchange looks nice