Exchange listing SFT

Let’s say we collect $ 50k. It would be for either SFX or SFT, not both, right?
I’d also want to know which exchange we’re talking about :slight_smile:


Also, do we have garantise for not be delisted in few months…


What happened to Xcal?

If no one is buying no one will be buying…

WTF happened.

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I will not be able to share the name of the exchange at all, it will be known upon listing. These discussions are very private. Unfortunately this is the catch 22.

This is an interest and feedback check, so that I can form an approach to move ahead that I feel will reduce risk across our community, get us an exchange worth having (long term and impactful), and see us to the next ones and a prosperous environment for adoption of our tech and interest in our further developments.

Importantly, also this doesn’t include nor guarantee negotiations I can perform. Such as requesting SFT and SFX at the same time. We need to accept at least one foot forward and take a win that will give us results. And I want to put forward my intention that will get support and not be so vague that there are any disappointments. Keep in mind this is step 1, there’s going to need to be more activity on this front furthermore, regardless of the initial outcome.

Here’s another poll to canvas the opinions of ours on which your heart leads to:

  • SFT
  • SFX
  • Only Both (SFT AND SFX)
  • Whatever we can get (SFT OR SFX)

0 voters is perfect, though it doesn’t cover the entire world yet*, and is still less known for now*. It has and is continuing to serve its purpose and supported and supports Safex, and is growing; yet it has its own journey that fits and fitted so far along. I see it being ever more useful as more exchanges link up. The market maker will need to bridge between all of the exchanges and Xcalibra will be a cornerstone one for sure.


May notice I just took those SFX to wallet?

I have supported from the start, does that mean you have given up?

Second question will wallet coins get a first show or other holders?

Pay for a liisting and back of que?

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I am from Serbia, and work on Xcalibra all. When whant to whithdraw, i withdraw btc, and cash it because has no RSD more, but i trust only to them. do not have other accounts on other platform, but i want SFX to be listed, and will participate on Dan word. He know what he doing, that is my opinion. Cheers


Wazzup amigos, lets go safex!!


No idea what your questions are? very confused.


Just to reiterate this is an interest check, ahead of a formal proposal. I can then take this information and see what our ammo is, and the community position and also negotiate. From here I can noodle on what we can consider and we can decide the strongest path forward.


my full time job is in purchasing at a major auto maker. Let me know if you need any assistance in negotiations. For the most part, I am a professional negotiator.


that’s right , we need 250 people to donate 200$ to reach 50K possibly for listing only SFT or SFX. Unfortunately i believe only under 30 safexians will donate. My opinion is that instead of trying to persuade 250 people to donate, we must focus on one big player to believe in safex and invest 100K or more. An investor or someone famous, an investor promoter - example Mark Wahlberg,Tony Hawk etc.


I disagree, as spending $ to bring some celebrity endorsement for our small coin right now, as we are a community and we will do with what we have and build step by step. If we raise less than the amount, there are other exchanges that I am shortlisting that are good as well.

Hey, there are exchanges we can go to for $1000 but I wouldn’t trust them with our coins and we will only go down the path we have in the past that costed us so much followers and so many tokens.

So I will form a proposal that I hope many people will agree with and support. I’m VERY happy with the results, and happy because the hope that it has instilled seeing this dialogue and the feedback from everyone, in fact I would bet we reach near that $50k mark.

In the next few weeks I will come back with a proposal, thanks for everyone’s participation in this discussion and providing your votes and responses!

I very much appreciate that.