Exchange listing SFT

Hi Dan, couple of months ago the exchange listing of SFT was discussed (in the discord). When can we expect a listing? Might be good for the visibility of the project to get back on coinmarketcap.


One of the main tasks in the upcoming few months is to select the ideal exchange to get SFT listed on so that we can get back on the trackers and have normal engagement by the world at large with Safex and of course the crucial Safex Token (SFT).

There are a few important criteria that I must consider before I would put forward such a proposal to the group. Instead of rushing into it and just grabbing it cheap, I will take a good deal of time to consider the options.

Important factors are:

  1. the organic engagement of the exchange.
  2. the cost to list (a tricky one, often behind an NDA)
  3. the longevity and trust the exchange will stick around
  4. reach, how many countries can participate

On the point of the 4th it might not be a silver bullet and we would need to follow up with additional exchanges. Yet at this point given how many exchanges we had to go through since only one at a time, we need a great one to start.

So long story short, a few months ahead from my perspective and we ought to be listed and trading out there again. I do like for SFX but there is not guarantees that we can get SFT there right away as well. It is a process and a commitment once the process starts and it’s something I am very familiar with and I do have a short list of exchanges I will evaluate when I get down to it.

If you have any suggestions, and deep thought through suggestions that you have empirical description to provide versus just a “lets get on kucoin, do it hahaha” yes, that won’t be helpful. Yet thank you so much for posting this all important task here that we will all see and be reminded to fulfill for all of our sake.


Thank you for the reply. Bitrue is fine. I’m not sure whether it’s accessible for all US citizens.


usa exchanges would be great too! hope to see more soon


You know this topic way better than me, but importance for me is liquidity and availability. I know I can always go to xcalibra, so I am not worried about buying and selling personally, but like you said, we need it on an exchange that has a user base. I wish there was an exchange that focused on “privacy coins” for example. I also would like to be on a huge exchange like kraken, coinbase, etc…but the cost to list would be enormous I would imagine,


We can take it in stages, that’s what I hoped for, but we had a stream of bad luck. So if we land the first exchange for SFT gain some traction, and pool together we can go for a bigger exchange. The awesome thing is, for Americans we can have tax deductions from donating to the Safex Foundation and the Safex Foundation can pay those listing fees down the road. I am going to short list a few less expensive yet good exchanges, and take it from there.

I am doing really well with development across the board, I hope to get into this early/mid March and ideally get it done before end of April. I will keep us posted as this progresses. This month I have already set my sights on a ton of tasks, getting back to the desk and all and I’ve been more productive healthier and clearer than ever. It has a lot to do with not needing to still need to build the marketplace, now it is perfectly understood, tested, and the future roadmap is going to be far easier than I ever felt before since it isn’t starting over anymore. We have a really cool thing that I led it success (development) wise, and know exactly what to do to expand it.


Dropping in for an interest check, I have direct contact on good authority to a top 20 exchange for SFT or SFX. It will cost roughly $50,000. This is an exchange with very prominent trading, and volumes. I would go for it.

There’s an estimated few hundred frequent members. So around $150 per person could get us there. We can so easily pool together and lower the risks. The raise can occur through the Safex Foundation as well, and receive a tax write off.

  • Good for $150
  • Good for $150+

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What is the possible method to pay from overseas?
Credit card?
Bank transfer?



@znffal I think due to lower liquidity of the sfx / sft depending on which we want to go ahead with first. It would be better to accept national currency (wire, credit/debit donation), or fully liquid coins like btc, eth, and such.


Just an fyi, the percentages aren’t in sync with the total number of voters!

I observed that each participant can vote for more than one option and then have their selections recorded by the poll and added to the total.

This is why I believe we’re ending up with fractions of voters for each selection. For instance, 76% of 17 total votes would equate to 12.92 voters, 17% of 17 equates to 2.89 voters and 5% equates to .85 voters.


Good catch! I can’t edit it by now, but seems no one voted for two options, except maybe 1 person. So should be accurate. Folks, please vote for only one option!

my apologies!


It would be good to know for $150+ voters how much would they be able to put in, because it can be $180, but maybe someone would like to put $500 which can make a big difference. Actually I will now move from $150 vote to $150+ (200$) :smiley: . I had that number in my head for a year if something like this happen :smiley: . I really hope that we will somehow reach a goal :muscle:


I agree @galicone $200 is a good round number, you inspired me to swap my vote out. I believe we can get there.


I will put $200 dollars to this fund.


To reach the goal of $50,000 at $150/user would require a commitment from 340 voters. As of this date 2/22/24 there are 2114 registered users in the forum.

With that number of registered users the goal is very doable. However, a quick scroll of registered users currently shows that there are only a dozen or so that are currently active.

It might help if each registered user could receive an email to their primary address letting them know of this development. But I seem to remember that the registered user needs to “enable notifications,” or something like that.
So some folks may not be reachable.

I would up my contribution as well.


Every 3 voters that throws down the extra $50 is creating a new minimum amount donator. Maybe we can slide that scale a little in our favor. Maybe we can get it under 300 participants.


All exactly observations I was looking at as well @jcasale. There are also many people observing what we are writing here as well, so if you are reading this and not registered, please do so, and join us on this epic quest to bring Safex, privacy and freedom to secure the world to the mainstream. I hope it’s the opportunity for you as it is in my view.


Presume less than 50% register users is active, about 1000, and half want to participate, we have 500 people. We can do it in short time with less people and bigger donations.
I go with 300$.


Maybe we can do a couple of rounds, if we fall short first time around we will have definite number/goal. It will also give us time to dig a little deeper if necessary to knock it out.


One remark is that hopefully you can share the name of the exchange before payment is requested. As some exchanges may not be accessible, like in my country Binance.