Exchange opportunity

Binance’s withdrawal from Nigeria leaves many people still asking how the biggest exchange in crypto could just disappear from the world’s fastest growing market for Bitcoin adoption. Arhh this would be a nice slot for xcalibra to fill


how? you think dan could pull that off? nothing has been going on for about 2 yrs now

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Tbh its just an idea for something to happen, i have no idea what actually happens in the day to day life of our crypto genius dabek, there been alot of dangling carrots in the last 8yrs, " soon " “watch this space” members getting booted for asking questions, dont get me wrong i was ban happy in my day lolz but hindsight i would of kept all my btc if i wasnt so naive, from lawsuits a chain roll back and a hacked chain i have no idea why im even typing this shit lol now we are “safex” leading the way for the AI revolution, good god are we serious lol dan is more interested in a corrupt btc and dollars to fully give all his effort to the promises he made to all of us, liberland is another pipe dream built on a mud flat, if any of the real OGs read this please tell me there are 1000s of sales takimg place or anything safex is achieving right now??? We are all sitting in hope that our saving grace will fulfil his word… going to take a bit more than a dead twitter account and a discord to get this thing rolling again, i hope im wrong cause id be a millionaire if i wasnt so stupid to listen to dan

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Lol its dead. But im glad i invested in btc. I mean if it was all btc id be a lot bettwr now. But you got to take chances. Wish safex would have been a good choice! I feel bad for all those who went in 100% safex

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Dude… you havent lost anything unless you sold it. So hang on to it!
All I can offer you in responce to your post is it is early days in crypto. Early days for all of us including the pioneers and Dan is a pioneer. He is an inspiration to all that hold Safex Tokens or Safex Cash.
He stood up and said ‘hey Ive got an idea, lets do this’ … and he put that idea out there and we all got on board! I dont regret it one bit. He is not a god… he is just a guy with many more brains than Ive got offering the ride to us all who thought 'yeah… a crypto store, a crypto eBay… f@ck yeah!!"
Worst case senario is diversification. The foundation is solid… just hold on to that fact!
And dont forget, Dan (whatever his last name is) has just as much if not more to lose than you or I for beliving in and supporting him.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


And as for Nigeria… the kingdom of scams and thieft… I dont blame Binance one bit. I wouldnt even go there if my balls were on fire and depended on it!

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90% went 100% in mate lol including me hahah great idea but executed atrociously, sure he made a chain supposedly better than monero, made an exchange which is dormant, tradesatoshi would make xcalibra look like a novice, a marketplace which u need to know code to use or download this then do this to even use it, a mobile wallet that is obviously to hard to make, if we go back far enough he was making the hashbringer again went now where lol now we are in the forefront of AI hahahahahahah we can even add monero to an exchange let alone think we are a quantum crypto :rofl::rofl::rofl: i dunno im just saying what everyone else is to scared to say

Please dont use the " WE ARE EARLY " omg wake up and please dont throw in amazon had no movement for like 15yrs, totally different, i just dont know how safex can climb out of this, the name itself have been dragged through the mud none stop and to waste all this effort securing a trademark is nuts, even wasted yrs on sueijg some dude in the middle of nowhere, but as i was told be inclusive nelson lol dont burn bridges, look how that turned out

If you read my post for what it is … I am offering you understanding… I understand your frustration.
But the responcibility in joining this project lays with you… and it lays with me.
And my comment about early days stands! My personal opinion is that it will take until at least 2027 before all the bullshit court cases, government acceptance etc etc has come to a conclusion and even then there will still be ups and downs.
I hold a diversity of coins/tokens… whatever you want to call them. I am far from up… I am many thousands down! I owned Bitcoin and sold it… I can assure you these are early days! Just hold what you have, dont sell it and give it time!
Another thing I can assure you of is that the banks etc have been buying up quietly.
As for my comment about diversification… there has to be more than one way to skin a cat


Well we cant sell it can we, so we have but no option but to hold this garbage, i have enough knowledge to know whats behind the curtains, i hope im proven wrong.

And yes we all made choices to invest into this, but after a while it all becomes hot air, alot of talk, alot of carrots, and alot of soons.

Dabek was telling me to buy buy buy lol :laughing: :joy: no shit look how that worked out and im sure dabek has more than all of us, but he is smart enough to play the community in buying while he is selling, trust me mate

Tell how the foundation is solid? Give me some facts

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I am not a computer scientist … but I can only assume that to have produced a blockchain in its own right is a pretty bid deal. So if you took the blockchain itself as being the foundation… and you built an idea on that, i.e. the Safex Store… couldnt you scale that back and build something else upon it?
Another thing you should keep in mind is the mining quota… which is only a third of the way in to the total. Ironically that meets with my thoughts about 2027 (just an observation)
The Safex blockchain is solid from what I can see, from a laymans point of view. So we take a step back and regroup… and then move forward. I beleive its called three steps forward, one step back.
I own over 565,000 Safex Tokins. I bought those I think around 2017/2018… and I have held them since.
I cant speak for you Nelson but I can accept your frustration. We all had delusions of fast money but that doesnt mean you missed the boat, far from it! Regardless of the coins or tokens you hold… if you havent sold it, you havent lost anything!


Another fine example of carrots to keep you all excited

Looks like the wind blew the garbage from the discord into the forum :laughing:
You all should really move on with your lives, this is unhealthy.
If it’s over be done with it already. :yawning_face:
Nothing personal

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Typical response from a dabek fan boy, i get it i was one once, defending his every move, believing his every word, at some point you got to start being critical and questioning him, he is full of hot air, the only part AI plays in dabeks head is asking it to channel the ghost of JM to predict when $1…

@Nelson Im not a fanboy so back off. I’m just watching the wheel spin, that’s my choice. I respect you for using your real original identity.

But you @RichyRich , you are a multi personality, multi account having lame. You probably play both sides don’t you. Your rambling run on sentences have no point. Don’t blame others for your failures. Leave me out of it while you’re at it. Quit repeating yourself, we got it.

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. I guess this space is fouled up too, haha see ya :wink:

How is this placed fouled up?? U mean that real OGs of safex cant share their voice and only positive comments are allowed?? You wana talk about decentralisation and freedom with safex but people get shot down for speqking their mind, safex has been dead for years, and dabek is still trting to hype up the few remaining members to buy it up, problem with dan has always he talks it up and can never back it up, tell me im wrong?? But none of you would speak up in fear of stepping on your gods toes… when we see what he talks about put into action i wouldnt be here questioning it now would i, that would be FUDD… i wish dan would actually reply here and lay off his dead twitter account talking up BTC

@Nelson Im not a fanboy so back off. I’m just watching the wheel spin, that’s my choice. I respect you for using your real original identity

And yeah no worries, i got a pair of balls thats why

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you’re right Nelson, say what you want. I don’t really care if the switch gets shut off tomorrow. That’s the real truth. I would forget about it like a empty beer can. But for now I support the network though mining.
I just think you’re taking this revenge tour too seriously. Who are you warning anyway? it’s the same old people :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. It just sounds redundant.
Take care of them balls brother. I got a barbecue to attend.

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