EXCLUSIVE: John McAfee Talks About His CPU Mining App and Safex


John McAfee gave the interview for the Coined Times about the Safex One-Click mining app.

I believe that 1 click mining is the best solution for small to medium-sized mining operations at the present time. However, it is difficult to project that situation into the future. The technology behind cryptocurrency and blockchain is evolving rapidly. There will be fundamental and unforeseeable changes in the landscape over the next few years.


Agree with McAfee’s statement. New times need new revolutionary technologies, with an accent on accessibility

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To be honest this is not a good thing. McAfee has been doing so much ICO promotion and saying crazy things that most people associate him with scam coins these days.
Just look at the comment on the page …
To be taken seriously we need good commercial not people who say whatever when payed.
I’m not saying he got payed for this article but before he was pumping shitcoins if you payed him enough so…

see, if you posted that on discord, people on there would attack you and blindly defend McAfee for that opinion. the safex community tends to use McAfee as their marketing tool. the controversy behind McAfee started when he was exposed in private DMs accepting money to promote verge.

but we have to take into consideration that McAfee is the only popular crypto influencer at this moment who is giving safex attention on his tweets. although his safex related tweets acquire fewer likes than his other posts. i’ve seen his personal tweets get 2k likes his safex ones only get about 200 likes. Additionally, there were under 20 miners online on his safex pool. What does this show? People aren’t really listening to McAfee anymore since his 2017 controversy. He’s schilled dozens of coins, doesn’t really have loyalty to a single crypto. He used to be all about safex, then docademic ,now hes skycoin. i know this was in-depth, but members of the community need to start using different avenues of promoting Safex than him.

Totally agree, associating with him is just bad and we dont want people who are in it for the pump and dump anyway. A better way would be to get an interview with maybe other influencers like the cryptoverse, Ivan on Tech or someone like those guys.

Also i do think personally that there are so so many coins out now that its really hard to justify the usecase for 99% of the coins inclusive SAFEX. I been following Daniel Dabek’s journey for a long time and i feel he is really passionate about the project and he does believe in this platform and i bought in since i do like him to succeed. On the other hand i have seen very little on the roadmap or existing work about how everything is suppose to come together. Why would people buy/sell on this platform? and why not use Bitcoin or ETH or anything else?
If we get a interview we need to explain these things and really show that we have a proper roadmap and goals that are achievable.
Now i might come out very negative but frankly its a very tough market out there now and even if we are at the very beginning of things thanks to ICO’s its much harder to be taken seriously i think. I am myself much much more cautious when investing in a project these days.

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You bring up very good points about the roadmap, specifically when you mentioned “Why would people buy/sell on this platform? and why not use Bitcoin or ETH or anything else?”

These sort of questions were never addressed in Dabek’s interviews. Always feels like he is repeating his same old life story and general synopsis about safex in all of them. I will say he needs to be more careful about what he says in these interviews. For instance, in his latest interview with Crypto Beadles, Dabek states he has a “volatile” personality and “isn’t afraid to say FU to anything”. Statements such as this negatively impact investor confidence.

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McAfee’s large followings on the social media make him an influencer, and that’s the target audience Safex is after. So I really don’t see a reason why not to team up with him and get more miners to support the network.

What you seem to not understand is there are maybe 50+ crypto communities that McAfee endorses. Majority of people following McAfee are already holding multiple crypto. It’s a lot more difficult to convince someone to sell their crypto for Safex. How would you feel if someone told you to sell your Safex for their crypto?

Just checked the explorer for McAfee’s one click Safex miner and there are only 4 miners connected. Mind you, this was popularized on his twitter account with over 800k followers. What about other marketing avenues than McAfee are you not understanding?

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  1. I think you need to be at least a bit volatile to start up something in cryptospace. We are literally inventing things as we go along despite a runway worth of roadmap.

  2. Investing in something else is nothing to frown about, although over time you’ll notice most of the stuff falls off from existence, safex is standing against the test of time.

  3. Over the long run the CPU miner will catch on, and every bit counts: when 50,000 people are mining with CPU that will be about 5-10 MH of mining which is 12-25% of the desired hash rate for the network.

  4. The launch of McAfee is around the holidays time, so time lag before people get things online now being aware of the safex mining is longer.

  5. So far we are still in a “beta” early stage of the network expansion, so there will be some hiccups. The huge benefit is that the coin emission is not fully rewarding to anyone “exploiting” the inconsistent hash rate in the early stage, leaving prime opportunity in the future while things get mobilized.

  6. The user base we are after is not speculators, although they are needed too; however, growth and proof will be with the general population who will gain a qualitative advantage versus an in and out buy and sell. Although someone needs to be there buying in order to sell later on to the joining users.


What I’m saying is take opportunity when it’s presented to you. And it’s not only attempt to reach McAfee’s followers, you’ll see here on the forum few amazing interviews on YT’s influential channels in crypto community.

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Sure people would change to Safex if you manage to convince them why they should?
So far i dont see anything unique with Safex. Why would people use this platform? and this coin specifically?
Why would shops offer products here? (whats their gain)?
What is being done to pull the shops in? Is there even a team doing that?
What is the roadmap for the governance, bluepaper refer to dash’s atlassian page that dont work (why not have it on your page? also what is the milestones and general roadmap for the project? cant find it): https://dashpay.atlassian.net

Also please re-make the webpage, it looks just not that proffesional. It looks ok but for companies to take this seriously you need to look clean and fresh. The first page with the globe thins is just messy and slow.

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Would like to hear all of these questions asked by Vampyren to be addressed by Dan in a later interview. Agreed with a new professional website redesign to replace the current design. The current design looks like a “mooning” meme.

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Yes Sir boss mans :salutes: right away

yes sir in charge man exactly as you say i must do

Everything takes time & your can’t stop progress , there’s the beginning the middle and then the End product with the results from the work. What part is Dan and his team on, we can poke holes in everything with a negative attitude or we can try and help be part of the creation and if it works or not we can say we tried , not becoming a bitch w a dick :wink: like most complainers !!

My comment was not meant to be negative! They are genuine questions and something that any “CEO” or someone in charge needs to have the answers for. If you want people join you and believe in you , then you have to be able to face these questions and answer them with confidence. If you just going to put your head into the sand and ignore the “simple” questions no one will join you and you end up being forgotten.
I ask these questions because i care not because i’m being negative. Thats a different.

Put yourself in others shoe and try to imagine what you are asking people to do. With that sort of attitude you wont be able to convince anyone to join you.
I’m not saying you need to answer these here and now but as @WhenBinance mentioned maybe during an interview or something it would be a good idea to touch on these topics.
Of course you do as you please but if you want honest opinion i gave you mine. If you want minions (like McAfee’s followers) who just follow you and never give you any honest opinion just say the word.

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That snark comment Dan made is why I need to start paying attention to the personality of the CEO before investing. Vampyren and I were not “demanding” answers from you, Dan. I said I would like to hear your answers addressed in later interview because I knew it would take about a month or two for you to come up with decent answers when you are confronted about the internal workings of Safex.

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Exactly this.


I wonder what is Satoshi personality :thinking:

Damn, I forgot to assess Satoshi personality before I “invested” in his thing, bitcoin…

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Agreed with everything you said, however, most Professional CEO would have approached it differently with there language and mannerisms. Simple to ask Dan to answer a list of questions for the community would have been enough and his behavior has proven this in the past.

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I second that, I heard the website is getting updated as well, better to ask then to bash!!