Explain like I'm 5. Why can't the Marketplace be shut down?

Admittedly, I am a novice to Blockchain. Please explain how the government can’t shut down the Safex Marketplace by shutting down the hosted website addresses.


Because there are too many addresses in too many countries for them to be able to do it.

Then if some use VPNs the problem gets harder for all those governments.

Then all governments have to co-ordinate their efforts. Just takes a couple to not co-operate and the market place will be open.

They could have tried this with silk road but didn’t even attempt to. And this market place is not a silk road but a general market place for every kind of goods that can be sold/bought through an on-line market. In other words since its not a market place for illegal goods, but for all goods (99+% legal) then they have no reason to shut it down anyhow.


Thank you for your reply.Could the governments shut an address down as soon as there is wind of one? I do see incentive for all governments to want to end Safex if their tax revenue decreases.



  1. there is no central controller
  2. there is no specification for type of marketplace to open
  3. there actually is no ONE website to shut down
  4. there is a worldwide network of computers as @rob mentioned
  5. those computers are not connected via a website but directly connected to eachother
  6. the list of connections is shared on a constant basis so you can always find who is connecting

7… It’s the same reason that Bitcoin is still up and running. Proof of Work, meaning the miners uphold the network; and the Full Nodes who share the information about the blocks (blockchain) and inside those blocks are the transaction information for trading things.


Actually the governments would put their effort into identifying the sellers and use the existing tax system in their country to extract tax from the sellers.

For instance there will be a significant number of sellers selling physical goods and they will expose their details (enough for tax departments) by necessity because they have to send out the goods and the courier company can give details to tax departments.

So rather than want to shut down the market place they will be happy to extract tax from the sellers. Same reason they don’t shut down ebay or gumtree or any of the other online market places that exist today. Even on ebay you can be fairly anon (to the tax man) if you sell digital goods and they don’t even attempt to shut it down.

It would be against the government’s self interest to shut down the safex market place. The really large sellers will be fairly easy to identify since they will be sending out the most stuff to buyers.

The smaller stores will be fine since they don’t do enough business to be taxed at all (or significantly) and these small sellers will likely be the greatest in number even if not greatest in volume.


Ok, thanks guys.


But if the sellers would pay their taxes there will be no problem and everybody should pay their taxes if they want free of charge civil services. but the safex decentralized marketplace can benefit from protecting sellers from gouvernment decision of shut down the place + you can compare this to a real freedom of speach not like the fake freedom you have now! That’s only my thought.