Final day in the crowdsale

Making a formal announcement that the last 24 hours in the Safe Exchange Coin crowd-sale is on right now.

Final day to go.

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What do you think about the crowdsale?
Was it like you expected?
do you think the money raised is enough to finish the development?


It was a very fun endeavor to pursue.

Things anyone with more time than I had is - get the word out better. Someone who contributed let me know that they learned of the sale 12 hours before it was over. :wink:

Yes I realized that mostly the Safe Network community would know about the sale, and eventually others would hear about the project probably for the first time. It would be only during the sale that folks from the press had reached out. I’m glad that they did.

Also, it was something new, and even the community was broad-sided by the crowd-sale for a project as noticed in the threads and some responses.

I had expected to at least fund my expenses for a year at least. That’s accomplished, any more than now I would be directly hiring others. But it won’t be necessary to finish. Also I won’t need to onboard others for development which will save time to get the beta completed.

In summary, I think that folks will realize a good funding model for projects on Safe. I think many 50k crowd-sales are excellent to fund and hire a decentralized pool of developers of whom I am now a part of. In return folks will get Safecoin from the app. Hopefully this covers their investment and possibly more so. This also serves to distribute the safecoin to many. Even a person giving in $1 would be in running to gain something residual and potentially noticeable.

This sale has been a huge success and I will now be able to take the time to exclusively produce the Safe Exchange.


Congratulations on the successful crowd sale. I’m looking forward to seeing the impact of Safex and the Safe network once they’re all up and running!

On the last paragraph here:

Was ‘not’ meant to say ‘now’, meaning you’ll be able to work on Safex full time for now?

I hope you enjoy the journey :slight_smile:


@DavidMc0 THat’s right I meant Now, corrected that and many thanks. 4 eyes are better than 2 :wink:

Final price will be up this evening. Final tallies have been checked.


I haven’t been following as closely as I should have. When can we get our coins from the crowd sale? Do I need a sec wallet?
Is there a thread explaining all if this?

You need to export your Private Key then import into the omni wallet. Also Omni desktop wallets at ,