Food for Thought

I’ve been thinking about the future price of the safex token after official launch; and when you compare safex tokens (which could be viewed as shares) to facebook shares, you might get a clearer picture of what a safex token might be worth in the future; if the marketplace takes off and investors see it as legitimate form of making money in line with the stockmarket. Smart Investors usually look at diversifying their portfolio.
For instance: Facebook has 2,897,307,935 shares; and is worth $171 US per share. No dividends are provided to shareholders.
Safex has 2,147,483,647 tokens (shares); and is currently worth $0.016903 USD per token on market coin cap.

I might be wrong in my assessment but I think there is the possibilty of huge growth if blockchain technology and ecommerce in essence becomes mainstream and is used in everyday life.


you’re absolutely right. if Safex sees similar adoption it will be worth $100+. The problem right now with that suggestion is that Facebook had millions of users within a pretty short timeframe. Safex doesnt have any users. YET.

So we really cant know if this is possible until adoption starts after marketplace launch. One thing I am going to find interesting is the public appetite for privacy in online trading. Most people dont have a problem with posting their basic details online. Those people need to realise the value in their personal data and privacy before they consider using Safex as a worthwile change to make.

The whole idea of price 100% relies on the team executing. We all know the idea is proven and there is a market to disrupt, so its up to the growing team to deliver the working product. Without it, we are going no where.

Big 6 months ahead!