Forgot Desktop App Password

Hey there i forgot my desktop app password and haven’t backed any keys. Is there any way to get my account back.

Sorry not without the key or password.

Oh fuck man that’s shit, so sorry to hear that. How long ago did u make the passowrd

Where can i get keys from?

It’s been two week’s I was logged in after I downloaded it but then I got logged out when I try to log in it says the invalid password.

You can only export your keys when you are logged into the wallet.

I think i have public sharing key as that’s what i used to transfer Safex from Bittrex to the wallet, will that key help?

Bittrex to wallet uses your wallet’s address. That’s not the same key as the private key, which is exported from the wallet.

So there’s no way to get my Wallet back?

The point of the private key is so only the person with the private key can open the wallet.

Okay, thanks for your time.