Found this on this the "whale" trying to manipulate?

The TRUTH about PIESKOT and his failed attempt to FUD. This post, which I took a screenshot of, has since been deleted… (
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When a whale is saying they are selling then usually they are actually buying. And when they say they buying then they are selling.

Always take the opposite and that is what the whale really is doing.

We’ve had a couple (or more) on these forums saying they are buying up big time and the price drops. Obviously they were wanting others to buy up while they sold. The reason to say they are buying big time is put the FOMO (fear of missing out) buying at a low price ever again. And the whale hopes this FOMO will gain him/her a better price.

And during the pump to 800 or so, we had whales come on the forum encouraging people to buy with words like its going to the moon, this is the big push, or words to the effect that the price will not be so low again. And you guessed it they had bought long before that and were trying to get the price as high as possible as they sold to those who got caught up in the excitement and FOMO.