Functionality and demand of Safex coin

Hi guys,

Been following/researching/holding safex for sometime now, and I wanted to gain the community’s two cents on a few questions.

When Chille blockchain goes live with its own chille coins, what functions do safex coins serve other than allowing safex coin holders to receive dividends from the market transaction fees and allowing buyers & sellers to use the safex coins to make a transaction (the latter of which is also the function of chille coins)?

And once the safex coin reaches $1, which seems like a very plausible proposition for near future, would prospective safex coin holders with not so significant budget be incentivised to buy & hold safex coins for the dividend purpose when the holders would be entitled to only a small dividend amount?

I am trying to gauge what kind of market reaction the dividend function would elicit when the price of safex becomes higher which may discourage regular people from investing in safex coins at all, thereby not driving up the price of safex coins.

Thanks guys.

As with any other coin in Crypto, apart from bitcoin people are still trying to work out their function. Ripple is flying due to the Rippex blockchain being and to be used by financial institutes with Ripple hoping to soon convince them to use the coin as a carrier. This is not a given as the banks may use existing or their own but if they do apopt it then the price of the coin will rocket !

I assume as Dan is still working on the marketplace concept it could be a two tier system with the Chille coins being worth more than the standard Safex. NXT dropped some tokens and i think Tron is alluding to something similar to whoever holds their coins in the wallet. Chille could be the main currency and the amount of Safex you invested now may only decide how much you get. Listen to the videos Dan made, he does talk about it a lil. The incentive could be to spend the Chille on the market place, and you keep earning them if you hold your Safex. Is Chille even guaranteed to be the name ? The marketing gurus Dan has teamed up with will assist with all this. I think he mentions this as well.

Safex holdings is not meant to be for ‘‘regular’’ people !
It defeats the purpose !

It is like property, I mean like terrain (land), once the building is constructed the terrains value is higher.
Or something else makes the terrain more valuable, like location, or finding oil or gold on said terrain.
You can get a good price on a terrain right now, but that does not mean that it’s value is little because you paid little for it !
once it’s potential is unfolded it’s true value is shown.