Fundraise for SafeEX coin to be listed on Yobit and Cryptopia

Hello fellow community members , im starting this thread in the hope that we will list SafeExchange coin on Yobit and Cryptopia for wider exposure.

im using this bitcoin address 1EL5yz1fzt7CNsvrGUKwVGXAEbbcPUnJMN for collecting the needed ammount wich is 0.32 btc and im also starting by donating myself 0.1 btc.Feel free to donate as much as you feel comfortable.

When we reach the goal , ill send the ammount to Daniel Dabek to do the rest and have SEC listed for the benefit of all of us and the coin itself.



Thank you @panton for motivating this to happen: I just sent a transaction forward with 0.1 btc as well.

If anyone else can contribute would make it very easy to get listed on these exchanges - at this point we need just 0.12 btc more

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Cool! a new exchange listing for Safex! Happy to help anyway I can! amazing I can still do it!

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its send guys, surprise no one else get this sooner

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@panton my bitcoin address for cryptopia: 1edMzmEBzREmVJYUw4dwnKVTY2M6uXFxz

Nice going @marko thank you! @panton as well huge thanks on behalf of the community.

listing filed

When will be listed in Cryptopia?

it is in pending, we will just wait and see


wish i checked woulda put some btc on it. I gotta check back more often like i should.

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No worries @needadime, we got it in and now simply awaiting the approval. I know of a couple of other coins that are also still awaiting approval, so it will just be a matter of time.