Future Chinese marketing thoughts

China Ads summary (largest traffic app&website)

Please note some are IP restricted only Mainland China only,

In my opinion, Chinese marketing is to find the Pain points (strong need), and expand, once adopted, it will be expanded very quickly, and everyone will copy to catch up the TREND. It is because Chinese will feel painful and upset if they feel they are not in that trend zones like others.

For example, if a special Nike shoes are very popular among one celebrities, then everyone will want it, and parents could sacrifice their whole monthly income to satisfy their children and also make themselves privileged among social circles. There is a man SOLD his KIDNEY in order to buy one iphone. Same apply to almost everything.

  1. wechat, (finding or building up official accounts with high users view, writing articles, and friend moments ads which is good cuz we chinese check moments almost everyday)

  2. Tecent ( QQ ads, Tecent video clips, )

  3. Tecent NEWs by writing ads with hot and explosive title ( almost every news they have a purpose for marketing)

  4. IQIYI.Com (Similar to Youtube ads)

  5. Baidu Search (Chinese version of Google search)

  6. QQ Explorer

  7. Tiktok ( broadcasting ads, which is hot and quick especially attracting cosmetics and fashion broadcasting sellers,)

  8. Sina Weibo ( Social platform, every celebrities, online celebrities they will have one weibo)

  9. Toutiao.com ( everyday hot news, news are the base of ads in order to broadly produce some psychological effect , together with other obvious ads)

  10. Kuaishou (similar to tiktok, but combination of countrified and western fashions, Note if too fashionable chinese 900 million farmers cannot fully understand it ,)

  11. Zhihu ( knowledge sharing platforms, Q&A, ads not obvious, but Q&A is ads)

  12. Youku ( similar to youtube)

Hope my effort could help a little bit. The


Thats some great information. Top effort sherry


Good information, when I first see the post, I thought what’s this crap, but actually it did get me to look into some of the list you mentioned and I certainly will be looking at the rest, thanks for the list. We know very little of the Chinese marketing


People are still fighting each other buying stuff in Costco shanghai and would not mind waiting 3 hours for a car park space even after 5 days of grand opening, and it won’t stop. It is crazy and insane purchasing situation.
The reasons: The prices are cheaper and quality is better in Costco, Chinese people are devastatingly in need of genuine oversea goods and services.


selling oversea products with good quality on safex MP would be a very good idea as well. And especially those genuine guaranteed on Safex Particular MP.


Wow, thank you for your insight, and welcome. I hope you have been able to “bag” a few sft/sfx for yourself !

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This is an excellent resource @sherryviva. Thank you for your efforts. We can re-approach this subject again very soon and scope out some potential that could tie in with our marketing efforts.


First thanks to @sherryviva for understanding and sharing what is necessary to get maximum exposure to the Safex marketplace.

@Rich.bate - During the Q&A of last month several marketing questions have come up. I would like to ask for an update on where are we with certain aspects of the marketing campaign? Especially what is the expectation towards the community and their efforts? (also this would need some coordination).

Third: I make use of other platforms to purchase products. All the invoices I receive specify contact details of the merchants (making use of that platform). Would it be an idea to start collecting these details and send out a 1 time bulk email to all the email addresses (=spam) and make them aware of the Safex marketplace?

Fourth: Wild idea…
Bank of China has announced it is ready to release their own state backed crypto. 5 banking institutes, Alibaba and Tencent are among the first round ‘receivers’ of this crypto (just another version of Quantitative Easing tmho).

Would it be an idea to smart bridge this Chinese crypto with the Safex marketplace in anticipation of the near future? Atomic swaps?


RE: Marketing - i included an update on progress in this week’s development update: Safex Dev Update: September 2, 2019

TL;DR - efforts have started this week in terms of general marketing campaigns. We posted our first content piece earlier this week on Medium, and currently organising some crypto-focused advertising.

As mentioned in the Q&A, i was looking at around August 25th to start things running - there was a few things that caused delays, but overall we’ve started now and will be scaling up over the next few weeks.