GDAX BTC Transfer went through but still haven't received safeex

what are the steps in getting my btc turned into safeEX that SAFE EX has received already…

Where did you send the btc to?

He probably sent the BTC to GDAX.

Does Safex have a wiki or something? We need to put together a guide for noobs.

GDAX, while it is a cryptocurrency exchange (run by coinbase), currently does not trade Safex to my knowledge.

If I were you, I would trade my BTC in GDAX to LTC or Ethereum and then transfer it to Bittrex. The reason for that is BTC network fees are currently very high, so you will save money if you do it that way.

Make sure if you trade your BTC at GDAX for LTC or Ethereum, that you transfer the LTC to your Bittrex LTC wallet and/or your Ethereum into your Bittrex Ethereum wallet. If you try to send LTC to your BTC wallet address on Bittrex it will be gone forever. Hopefully that makes sense.

i sent it to safe EX so i guess i have to wait 30 days for it to be returned to GDAX

You sent your BTC to a Safex wallet address on Bittrex?


Try Bittrex support, but unless it’s a large amount you may not get much attention. Sorry.

i sent it to the safe ex address posted after i typed my wallet number n

I’v sent my safex coins from coinspot to my safex wallet 18hrs ago. still hasn’t appeared i sent some BTC from exodus at the same time which went it pretty much straight away? anyone know if it takes time or what has happened… sent them to the same address. thanks

Does it say pending Zac?

Did u confirm with coinspot confirmation email?

Does coinspot say transaction complete?

no. now its cancelled.
same with my iota to iota light …