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Bitcoin rallying to heights not seen in 2 years, understandable what’s happening to these alternative crypto assets.

Bitcoin price rise and the price of alt crypto assets can not be 100% in sync, there are different factors influencing each individual coin, so the USD or other fiat price against the bitcoin is not everything that matters in these markets. Even while BTC rises to its highest price in over two years, some of these coins are having consistent rallies, and some bouncing off of their current lows.

Generally though with bitcoin, it seems it is doing its “launch pad” thing I thought would be happening. After Halving supply shortage could kick in and bitcoin continues to rally. Though following that people will still invest their money in alt crypto assets or something, still many events yet to unfold.

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Bitcoin drops 100$ today, alt coins lit up; bitfinex goes down for several hours today

just saw this about the dao big laughs!

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That’s a pretty realistic recollection of reality… though a big misfortune… I had high hopes for DAO truly. At least not the expectations they’d made such a error in execution.

Several Alt coins trading higher today, Bitcoin stagnating for the past week

Several Alt coins trading higher today, likely due to Bitcoin stagnating for the past week

Just one day later, and can see most of the rising alts have changed their direction. Laughingly BTM, Bitmark, the reputation coin of poloniex has risen to 300% at some point.

Bitcoin flat lined, around 666$ mark

Bitcoin rises a couple percents, halts alt coin gains against btc; we’ll see if btc continues to rise against fiats.

Ethereum went through with a hard fork. Even though there was a introduction of 50% increase in hash rate to promote the hard fork adoption.
Since people have been able to buy DAO for .00007 and price of DAO rallied up to 0.00017; And with Ether at .018 this means that those who are withdrawing from the DAO who held from the low on DAO are able to take in a massive profit, more than 100% return against bitcoin.

Deposits are currently halted to most exchanges, yet 15% of Ether has been withdrawn from the DAO tokens.

Poloniex will be offering a user interface to convert DAO to ETH directly on the exchange.


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What happen to your safe exchange project?

@wallet, I’ve made a solid plan for a real product that I think Safe Exchange Coin owners will be proud of.

The voting website is just about complete, so that I can get a formal opinion from coin holders to move forward with the new plan.

You’ll see in the proposal the description of the plan moving forward, and you can give your opinion on it. This will all be published within the next week. It is almost the end of the month same as I had mentioned when the proposal and application will be published


Ethereum Classic is topping volume now.

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“Since Bitcoin is still experiencing growth, I think that Ethereum will have a difficult time catching up with Bitcoin. It needs to take time to mature, before the general public of people are utilizing Ethereum so that we can see the technology stabilize and real use cases to be present in the marketplace. If it’s going to grow, it will be on a horizontal scale with many people replicating the use cases and not on «one hit wonders.”


Just take a look at those charts, and see the price change converging perfectly today…

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dally, please keep updating with charts its been helping me to choose opportunity

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Past couple of weeks, interesting things happening include Bitfinex getting hacked, and now issueing a token using Omni Protocol to account for the losses to customers.

@needadime, thanks for the support, I’ve been focusing a lot on research these past weeks and completing the voting application. A final component is to validate votes against proposals, should be the last thing required before its going to work for us.

I saw you noticed the difference I pushed a “big” update today.

One more code session with this validation being rounded up. Then visual designer and videos how to use.