Get out the Vote! - Help market Safex on Twitter


We need some help Safex community. Anyone with a twitter please log on and vote for Safex on this poll. I know it’s not the front page of the New York Times, but at this stage any publicity helps us out. With the size of our community we can swing this vote quickly.


I voted for safex!

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SAFEX up to 31%… Genesis Vision(?) at 39%.


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Jesus this entire comment is a mess, lol.

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Yup! But you can see the word ‘voted’ in there! :stuck_out_tongue:

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So stressful… SAFEX still second but not by much

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Created a fake account to add one more vote :slight_smile:


Good Man! Hows the clothing shop coming along?

I actually got Dan’s approval this week. He wants to see the quality of the product. I’m going to send him a few samples and obviously offer him to buy from the shop at a discount for promotional give away. I’ve also submit my application to the local charity.

The only problem right now is i think i got kicked out from Discord… i just tried to log back in but the server doesn’t show up on my app. Dont know if I got banned ( what reason? ) or if it’s simply on my end. Been trying to get a hold of a moderator on Telegram see what can be done or what happened… so far, no success

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I think Kneedam has been going on a bit of a ban spree lately. I’m not sure why you would have been targeted like that, you’ve been a good member of the community. I’ll see what I can do.

If anyone else feels they have been unjustly banned from the discord then reply here or send me a message and I’ll look into it.

Thanks Sheep! Let me know please

Voted and re-tweated. Voted from second account. Don’t give up, we are strong! :slight_smile: