GET RID of trade satoshi asap

After they introduced KYC there is no a real reason to keep the outdated omni token there, nor to swap for the new. Trade Satoshi has a bad reputation, very little volume.
Being intentionally delisted from there would benefit trading volume on sft and migration.
I think nobody would donate to get listed there actually.

p.s people from other communities are complaining they do not accept kyc and not being able to withdraw.


I agree. I hope that all remaining SAFEX holders can withdraw their coins and leave. I was able to withdraw everything without KYC before. Still over 40M coins over there. TS was nice and important to have - now, with the new KYC ruling and two new exchanges we can move on.


Considering we don’t have many exchanges, I think we should look to keep exchanges (and add some), not get rid of them.

trading will stop in august anyways

TS has only listed old SAFEX coin which is basically irrelevant now that the migration is in progress and the new wallet should come out any time.

It’s only irrelevant if you live outside the US. Right now, there are still no exchanges accepting SFT for US residents.

There should not be a push to have it removed from TS prior to August.


Not that I care personally, but we have precedents of people locked out of their accounts that lost their coins, bittrex and cryptopia so far, we should do something to avoid that, at least oblivious people will be better informed.
Some people used the excuse of u.s exchange to pretend listing on bigger exchanges, demonstration of it is that volumes of sfx on livecoin are low as expected. Consequently, “livecoin has no volume pls list on bigger one.”
A more dangerous aspect is that contrarily to bittrex Trade satoshi used the excuse of kyc to lock out people, and then dumping the coins on another exchange. we almost have 2% of supply there. Some action has to be made and problem addressed.

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Withdraw is currently disabled as the SAFEX wallet is in maintenance. Anyone have an update on when withdraws will be enabled again?

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Today the user nickstar posted this

It won’t change anything for the ones with locked accounts.

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