Getting SAFEX on binance?

What are the requirements when the new blockchain is out, to get SAFEX on binance?



Is the new blockchain still on track for July?

Test net coming in a couple weeks, followed by main net (BC, airdrop, etc) a few weeks afterwards. Good things coming.


Great. Thanks

Have you guys already confirmed the air drop date? I’m just wondering if I would managed to do some one or two trading swing to increase my Safex volume and not missed it :slight_smile:

No it has not.

And I am sure it will have its own topic here when it is.

The “airdrop date” is when the main blockchain is launched. There is no specific date set. Rather, you get your Safex Cash when you move your Safex Coins over to the new blockchain via a special transaction (to be integrated in a future wallet or app).

Unsure of how long the airdrop function will last for, but at least for a few months i’d guess.

So the date you need to look out for is when the main blockchain will be launched… which is expected quite soon.