Great advistisment



Some accuse him of pumping. Thoughts on that?

Not sure about that, he defends this idea quite a bit in some of the responses. Who cares either way, great publicity and gets the name out there some more. The price will ofcorse go down somewhat but should still be a decent increase afterwards.

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What are we right now 150ish in market? We broke 100 last week even if a pump and dump being a holder this isn’t bad no matter how you swing it.


I met the man back in around 1990 as he was building his antvirus systems. Great marketer and knows how to promote and run a company. But not always right in his forward analysis.

So I do take his recommendations with a grain of salt.


John McAfee?

I didn’t even know he was a libertarian. To be honest I kind of hated the guy up until he tweeted about Safex.

Last I heard his name he was offering to hack into the iPhone of the Boston Marathon bomber back when they were trying to get Apple to build in a back door.

He’s no Elon Musk, but he’s a computer celebrity so as a holder I’ll take it.