Hashbringer: Crypto ATM demo October 3, 2019

Early in the month I had the pleasure to present Hashbringer, the crypto atm, that I’ve been working on with a small team during the past year. It allows you to buy and sell bitcoins safex and ethereum using cash.

In the video I show how it takes just a couple of minutes to confirm safex cash to my wallet buying it for serbian dinars and how I can then send coins to the atm’s receipt and redeem cash out.

It is easier for people to interact with such a machine rather than face an order book on an exchange. This is also a more familiar interface since we have been using cash machines for many decades. That is why I felt it important to focus on a project that has a 3 dimension interface with people.

The future for the project is a product specification to allow others to purchase and operate hashbringers, since it is possible to earn revenue through charging a fee to exchange cryptocurrency into cash and vice versa, not to mention the vast shortage of such facilities around the world.

Ultimately, this is among the main ways to reach mass adoption. I see a world where people can top up their crypto wallet conveniently at a kiosk such as hashbringer, then proceed to conduct their crypto digital economic activity. So amounts between $50 and $2000 the kinds that would be typically used in everyday activities to purchase memberships online, gifts, digital services, and the many other things we can do with cryptocurrency today and the others to open up in the future.