Having trouble moving my SAFEX coins to Omniwallet

I’m having trouble moving the coins I just purchased onto my new Omniwallet.

On the Omniwallet, under the Send option, the dropdown menu for “Choose Coin” is blank, and doesn’t seem to list an option for Safe Exchange coin. I’m new to all this, but don’t see a way to import my newly purchased coins into my wallet.

Please advise,
Thanks in Advance.

I only see your question now. Did you manage to get it to work already?

I think he didn’t look properly… I have made numerous of SAFEX transactions in and out from Omniwallet without an issue.

Yeah, he’s looking in the “send” tab from Omniwallet, while he wanted coins sent TO Omniwallet. But everyone starts somewhere, maybe he just didn’t understand it and the community can help out.

Yep. He first needs to get public and private key from SAFEX website, send coins there and if he wants to get access to them he needs to import the private key to Omniwallet. Guess he misunderstood.

Well I bought Safex just using Bittrex and then withdrew it directly to Omniwallet. I didn’t need to do anything with importing or public/private keys.

Yeah that’s also an option. I just prefer to keep my coins Offline :stuck_out_tongue:

I absolutely agree, but I wasn’t intending on using Omniwallet for a long time anyway haha. I expected Safex wallet to be out already, but it had some delay. :frowning:

shouldn’t it be out any day now?

Yep, the binaries should come out very soon.

I’m actually active in the slack channel right now, and Daniel Dabek is actually making transactions with the wallet already. It is functional, it will come soon, but I don’t know an estimate.