Help buying Safex with wallet

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Crypto newbie here. I bought some safex off off the site and put them in the Safex wallet. ALlI did was send btc from my coinbase and transfered it to Safex coin.

I want to buy more. If I want to buy more from, do I just use the address key that is on the home page of my wallet. Like, is it fine to just paste that address in and send to it??

I just don’t want to mess this up. I’m not sure the difference between public and private keys and what I should be using for what.

Thanks much in advance for your help!

The private key is the one that gives you access to your coins - to move around or sell. You MUST not lose this address or share it with anyone or you will lose your coins, or someone else could steal them. Your private key is associated with a public key. Your public key is the key others can see if they want to send coins to you. It’s also the key you supply when you buy Safex so that they will get stored in your wallet. So your public key allows you to receive Safex, but does not give you access to the coins if you want to sell them. For that you need the private key.

If you downloaded and installed the Safex Wallet from the website, you should go to Settings and select “EXPORT UNECRYPTED KEYS” and save it to a text file. Open the file and you will see the address for your private and your public keys.

You should also go to Settings and select “EXPORT ENCRYPTED .DAT FILE” and save it. This is your Safex Wallet.

Also, remember your password that you use to log into the wallet. Write it down and don’t lose it. Keep it a secret.

Go to the website and navigate to “LEARN”. Select Option 1 on how to buy Safex from
The address key on the home page of your wallet is your public key. It is fine to paste that address and send Safex to it, but you will need to send your Bitcoin to the address you are instructed and then wait for confirmation that your payment has been received.

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Perfect! Thanks so much. This is exactly what I was trying to figure out.

It looks like the price is like 10x what it should be when i go to buy more on the website?

Thanks again!!

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Safex recently got listed with Tradesatoshi Exchange. If you search this forum there are other comments about it. Also, it’s been mentioned on the Safex reddit website and Safex Discord. But please do research it on the forum because some have cautioned whether to use or not.
Safex is also being charted with CoinMarketCap and it is showing that the current price is in the neighborhood of 0.05 (i.e. 5 cents).

Dan Dabek, chief architect of Safex, will sell Safex to you from the website and then immediately buy it back from the exchanges. I think the price is so much higher because Safex has recently been delisted from Bittrex and Cryptopia Exchanges so it is more difficult for him to buy back. Not sure of the validity of this statement, but it has been suggested by others.

I think Safex is on course to do very well soon. Some members of the community have offered to sell some of their Safex at around 5 cents each. This is done p2p (i.e. peer to peer) and is an agreement between you and the seller. If you have registered with the Safex community hosted on Discord, you can navigate to the “trading” channel where you look to see who is selling. If you are not registered with Discord, head on over to the Safex News website, and go to the Discord link. There you can supply your email address and you will be notified of the next active Discord link. The Discord link invitation has an expiration to it.

Again, Best Wishes!!!

So helpful - Thanks!!

Gotcha. I’m seeing 6.3cents on CryptoMarketCap site.

Anyhow, I’d like to buy another $10k USD worth. Any guidance on this would be great. All I had was a Bittrex and Cryptopia account.

Thanks again!

I pasted the page below from Discord. There is a member there who is offering to sell some of his Safex for 300 satoshis (about 5 cents each). I would try to buy from someone offering to sell from Discord or from the Safex forum. You can search the Safex forum to see who has offered to sell.

But remember, since you would be engaging in p2p you would definitely want to have a good feel for the person you would be buying from. Most likely you would have to send your Bitcoin to their public address first and then they would send you Safex directly to your wallet from the public address you would supply. You would have to send the Bitcoin you have from Coinbase to do this. The Bitcoin stored at the same address in your Safex Wallet is not for transacting in this way. It is in your wallet to pay the transaction fee for whenever you decide to withdraw Safex from the wallet. You could transfer some of this bitcoin to Coinbase if you wanted to, and then send from Coinbase to complete the purchase transaction.

Hope this helps and not too confusing!

There’s so many threads about this, and there is a tutorial on YouTube. Why can’t people do their research