HELP - Problem with coin transferred from coin spot

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have problems with transferring SAFEX coins to Orbiter wallet?

I transferred all my coin to my wallet for a few days ago and got confirmed by coinspot team about the successful transaction. However, the balance has not changed. That’s weird. Sent a message to SafeX on their website but not response.



Orbiter stopped syncing at the v7 hardfork block, so any txs after that blockheight will not appear in Orbiter.

Twmwallet is due out this week, so simply restore your wallet from keys/seed in the twmwallet after it is released.

Then your wallet address will display correct balance.


Thanks so much.


i have had this issue. i migrated all my tokens into the orbiter but they’ve never showed up. im worried they’re lost in the internet somewhere. do we have a date for the release of the twmwallet in the hopes they’ll show up there? Or can someone point me in the right direction to get help. i have all my keys, passwords etc, and screenshots of everything.

So long as you gave Coinspot your correct address, and they sent them, then they’ll be on that address, regardless of what Orbiter currently shows, due to it no longer being able to sync past the hardfork.

Once the TWM wallet releases, then you simply restore your wallet address via seed/keys and they’ll show up in your balance.

The alternative is to use the cli wallet, but the TWM wallet is only days away imo.