Help wıth Omnı wallet

I am a student l partıcıpated ın the SEC crowd sell ı thınk ı am excıted about the project now ı want to transfer some of my coin to bitrrex exchange. However Omnı requests me to pay a transactıon cost of 0.00035000 BTC . My current bıtcoın wallet ıs empty can someone help me wıth a small token of the transactıon ı dont have enough money to deposıt wıth fıat ınto my bıtcoın wallet

here ıs my bıtcoın wallet address


thanks communıty

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yep, no problem… let me do it now… :wink:


ok done…


thanks soo much @sprks thats so kınd of you :blush: )

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Hello! I am in the same exact position as lisam. I need 0.00035BTC (more exactly, 0.00023486BTC) to join the trading party. Would someone kindly do the same for me? I’d be glad to send it and your fee back as I get a flow going. Thanks!

this time let me send you :smile:

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let me send you just now

yep done:)


:slight_smile: thank you! so much! :slight_smile:

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You should not move your coin to bittrex right now ! The price will rise and rise till it launch so hold on to your coin :slight_smile:

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thats very true just happy ıts on number 37 on coınmarketcap today

thats just 3 months after crowdsale @dallyshalla ı see people lıke thıs thıng

ı wll be buyıng more

This coin is really going “to the moon” !
but I think, after the network release, safex will be the best exchange of the world,
anonymous and cheap to operate,
everybody will trade altcoins there

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