Hey Dabek! Take your time.

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The issue is that for an entry point, the past week has been mostly terrible, full of uncertainty, with NEO doubling in price, IOTA x1.5. What if I came back with more money to put into Safex at the RIGHT time? Can you understand that from a long term investor perspective, these fluctuations bring remorse, and especially for the swing /day trader perspective moreso. All because of a missed deadline. People are investing based mostly on hype, the wallet delay may have no practical consequence, I belive this team will deliver, but, as an investor, the past week has been a disaster.

I agree that a rushed wallet would be far worse. Why did you not balance your workload to meet the deadline over the past month? This has a negative impact on future expectation, people need to have reliable information.

Thanks for support guys.

Yes, we could have released it in really bad shape but we didn’t want that. Instead we decided to give our team more time to bring wallet that everyone wants and deserves. Time is passing fast, that’s for sure, but Wallet release is nearing, so stay tuned!