Highlights from the Larry & Joe Show Interview

I’ve pulled out and highlighted some of my favourite comments and statements from last night’s interview on the Larry & Joe show.

Let us know your favourite parts of the interview! Thanks again to @dandabek for putting time aside to discuss Safex in such a depth!


Well thats one and a half more hours of my life spent watching youtube. :slight_smile:
Tho, whats this Balkaneum thing he mentioned and how does it relate to safex? Any chance its gonna drive the price up?

It’s honestly one of most valuable interviews with Dan so far. :slight_smile:

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What an AWESOME interview!
With Balcaneum, Dan is going into overdrive :smile:

Ahahaha, are these some Balkan traders? :slight_smile:

advocates of free market :wink:

*hums theme song to himself
“…No money back, no guarantee…” :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow. What a reference! Mon dieu Rodney, mon dieu.

Ahahahaha, looks funny. Is this English language, I can barely understand? :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Only fools and horses work”
Safex is my early retirement fund :sparkler:

Its the only kind of English, the Queen’s English! :stuck_out_tongue:

They should have an episode where they buy a lot of Safex and then sell it off just before it rockets off…
Then you have Del Boy counting the millions they made, when Rodney says he sold it all. :smiley:


Hey man, its a company that fosters understanding of cryptocurrencies and handles all supporting processes around the Safex

Oh, cool. Well, if he establishes a full company support team for safex it can mean good things for hodlrs. :slight_smile: Dan is really going into overdrive with this, isn’t he?

he wasn’t off the overdrive ever, my young padawan

In Balkaneum office will work 36 people…

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Are they hiring local staff only or going global?
I wouldn’t miss a chance to work with Dan

Only locals, I think. Lucky bastards…

Dan’s replay couple of days ago;